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Sweet....Sweet Potato!

Jun 20 2017

June 12th, for Queensland and the following day for the rest of the country, KFC started selling Sweet Potato Mash as part of their winter range of side options in stores nationwide.  The release is being referred to as a "world first" to see a mashed sweet potato for the popular chain.

The Sweet Potato Mash is a sweet and heavenly product with a "homemade feel".  The product is made by combining and cooking real sweet potato along with a secret blend of spices and sending into store level ready fo serve.  This is a new type of mash, a new feel, a new flavour that you just have not seen before.

Farmfresh Fine Foods has been working with KFC Australia for several years and have designed something that we believe will get everybody talking.  As an Australian owned and operated business, we are proud to be a part of this opportunity and appreciate the efforts made by all of our 45 staff and along with the support of KFC Australia to make this project a reality.

The Sweet Potato Mash will be in stores until October 2, so make your way into a store today and try it, share it and promote local produce, local people and Farmfresh!

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