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Food Manufacturing - A Great Career Choice

May 17 2016

Food Manufacturing - A Great Career Choice

Posted by Kathy Ellem, Photo courtesy of The Courier Mail


“You work in food? How unusual and fun!”

A lot of people talk about what it would be like to work in a food factory, and make comparisons to Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory, but overall working in a food factory is a highly rewarding job.

If you’ve ever worked in the food manufacturing industry, you’ll agree that there’s a lot of reasons to enjoy your job. It’s both what you do on a daily basis, the overall purpose that you find in your career and the crew that you spend a large part of your days with while you are at work.

Growth Opportunities

The manufacturing sector struggles to find skilled workers. In 2013, the government released statistics stating that almost 600,000 manufacturing jobs were unfilled because companies struggled to find qualified workers.

At Farmfresh Fine Foods there are lots of opportunities to get in on the ground floor, but also a lot of room for growth within a role and additional roles that require more qualifications and training. This process allows our staff to take on opportunities and learn and grow within the company.

You Get To Create Things & Solve Problems

The amazing thing about manufacturing is that no matter your job, you get to make something out of nothing. Whether you’re on the production side, in marketing, design or engineering, your job is about creating physical things from ideas, taste and concepts.

Along the way, you’ll solve lots of problems and help your company overcome obstacles. Terrific!

Ever Evolving

There’s no question about manufacturing — it’s always varied and there’s always something new. Whether you’re handling problems in your warehouse, stream-lining your processes or building out a new product, every day will bring new challenges.

Of course, this means that you’ll always have new opportunities for personal growth and career development.

Making food to feed the world!

There’s no question that what you produce is one of the most vital parts of life. Your end product is loved across the board — who doesn’t love food? Food is involved in every single person’s life on this planet, and most often, it’s a valued and cherished part of their life.

You’re creating something that’s practical and usable by everyone. You bring nourishment, health and joy to people’s lives.

Healthier Choices = Farmfresh Fine Foods

You get to offer people healthy food choices that they can really enjoy — mind, body and soul.  Farmfresh Fine Foods specialises in customised vegetables and strives to create natural products and limits the use of preservatives through methods of preservation.

If working in Food Manufacturing is for you, follow the link below and apply via our website at today!