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Charworks... Change your style!

Oct 21 2015

 Change your style with Charworks!

Charworks is our Premium Brand of char grilled vegetables sold in convenient 2kg packs in the freezer isle of your local Bidvest Foodservice Store, and they have a shelf life of 2 years.  The packs can sit in your freezer and be utilised to cook up quick and fresh meals in minutes with a wide variety of bases.  The range was designed around Wraps and Pizzas and soon extended out Pastas, Quiches, Bakes, Salads, Soups, Cannapes, Roasted Sides, Chunky Sauces, Pies, Casseroles, Stirfrys, Noodles and the list can go on and on...and on!

Throughout the month of October the range is being advertised through Bidvest Sydney & Melbourne, although is available Australia wide through you local branch which can be located here .

The prices vary based around logistics, however when you consider the labour and time that goes into peeling, coring, dicing, slicing and grilling products, Charworks has it all!  To be able to be tailored to your needs and taste, Charworks  is sold separately and the range offers 5 varieties; Capsicum, Carrot, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato & Zucchini.  The products have been grilled and graded to remove any off cuts and small pieces so that you are left only the very best and premium pieces for your recipes.

Farmfresh Fine Foods specialises in customised vegetable solutions, and can tailor vegetables to any kitchen, production or manufacturing needs. Traditionally we are a wholesale manufacturer and by offering Charworks to the public we are hoping to assist all areas of cooking.  Everyone can use Charworks, from home cooking and sharing magical cooking moments with your children through to kitchens, restaurants, pizzerias, quick service restaurants, salad restaurants, caterers, independent & institutional kitchens plus more.

Our chefs have put together some ideas on how to utilise Charworks in a variety of different meals and textures and the photos shown below. 

Charworks was officially launched in May 2015 at the Foodservice Australia show, held in Melbourne.  The brand since then has grown and is a hot new ingredient for restaurateurs alike to helping to streamling tedious tasks in busy kitchens and replacing them with Charworks.

Farmfresh Fine Foods can be contacted via their Website, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

All this and more, Charworks is shaping the future in the charred or roasted vegetable range and is available throughout Australia... Change your style with Charworks, today!